Speaking a language is the key to improving. That’s why we created conversation classes for adults to practice their English skills in a relaxed setting. Most of the participants work in tourism or want to apply for a program where conversational English skills will be beneficial. A key benefit of this program is that participants receive real-time feedback on their English speaking skills and grammar.


How do I prepare for my teaching sessions?
Conversation class leaders should pick conversation topics and related questions before the start of each class. Some leaders choose a theme to help guide the conversation, whereas others like to choose random topics & questions for the group to discuss, and some leaders choose to show a short video or pictures at the beginning of class to generate conversation. We like to incorporate current global events into the conversation classes as well.

How many hours a day do I work?
We work from 7:00-8:30pm

How do I get to the school?
The Conversation Class program is held at the Espaanglisch Casa.

Age of students?
Adults of all ages.