In addition to our efforts to provide free education to children in Peru, 


We also organize events to see Peru, not just from a traveller's perspective, but also from the local perspective.

By doing so, we provide the opportunity for local and international volunteers to connect through our social interaction programs. All of the activities listed here take place near the communities that we serve. Money raised from these activities are used to fund our volunteer efforts in the schools.  We are always exploring and looking for new adventures.



Are you ready to explore Peru?

Check out the options below:


        Mountain climbing


Put your hiking skills to the test and join us to climb a nearby mountain. You will be led by a guide who has extensive experience in mountain climbing and knows the best routes up the mountains. Climb to the top, above the clouds, and have your effort be rewarded by stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


        Camping & Hiking

Meet up with a group of local and international volunteers then journey into the mountains for a camping excursion. Trek to our prime camping spot, set-up your tent, and enjoy a night around the bonfire under the stars.


         Island exploration

Ever want to swim with sea lions? Take a boat-ride with us an hour away from the coast to an island inhabited by thousands of birds and hundreds of sea lions. There you have the opportunity to jump into the Pacific Ocean and swim with the sea lion inhabitants. Please contact us for more info if you would like to snorkel during our island visit.


         Downhill Biking

We meetup in the morning to take a van into a town in the mountains. From there, it’s all downhill bike riding, that is. Enjoy beautiful views as you speed down mountain roads. We provide all protective gear.



Spend an evening with us and other volunteers from the area sitting around a bonfire on the beach or in the mountains under the stars. We always make sure to bring a guitar and marshmallows!



Experience an exciting day of sandboarding down the steep sand dunes of Conache. We go in a group with an experienced sandboarding instructor where we’ll have the opportunity to learn a variety of sandboarding techniques: standing, sitting, and the ever entertaining “combi ride” style.



Spend a fun Sunday evening with us on the beach playing volleyball as the sun sets over the Pacific. Engage in some friendly competition and meet a variety of people from the area, including volunteers from different organizations.