Love to skateboard? We are proud to be partnered with Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF), who we help with the day-to-day management of their skatepark and skateboarding classes at the Alto Trujillo Skatepark. The Edu-Skate program is part of the school’s curriculum, with students having the option to participate in the program rather than having physical education classes during the school day. Students also have the opportunity to participate in weekend sessions where they can further refine their skills.


What volunteer positions are available?

We are currently looking for volunteers for the Alto Trujillo Skatepark in Peru for 2019-2020. Two positions are available: Skatepark Volunteer (minimum 1-month time commitment); and Program Manager (minimum 6-month time commitment).

For more information about either of the Skatepark volunteer positions, please check out the following links:

All Skatepark volunteers also have the opportunity to volunteer in our other programs (Conversation Classes, English School, etc.)